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Villa Antonio, Cap Ferrat, For KİRALA

Bursting with traditional furnishings and a royal flair, Villa Antonio is guaranteed to make you feel like royalty from the moment you arrive. Equally magnificent inside and outside, this villa is simply second-to-none in ensuring you experience the true delights of the French Riviera. On the ground floor, expect to find extremely spacious and intricately designed living and dining areas, as well as access to a large terrace area. The terrace overlooks the villa’s magnificent surrounding gardens, as well as a large swimming pool. The ground floor also plays host to a fully-equipped kitchen ideal for entertaining guests with dinner parties, as well as the first two bedrooms, each with accompanying en-suite. Upstairs, you’ll find a further three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and shower rooms, plus various balcony access points in which you can relax and enjoy the exquisite views of your surroundings. Throughout the entire property, there’s air conditioning with individual controls for each room, and a secure alarm system to keep you feeling safe at all times. Also featuring a garage and a mere 30-minutes from Nice Airport, you won’t have to worry about parking should you have hired a car from the Airport for the duration of your stay.

Yatak odası sayısı::5
No. of bathrooms:
Alan:400 m2
Arsa alanı:3000 m2
Monaco'ya yakın
İki hafta
Grand Hotel du Cap Yakınında
Yüzme Havuzu
Nice Havaalanı'na Yakın

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