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Villa Crocus, Cap Martin (Roquebrune), For KİRALA

A truly unique property situated in the heart of a luxurious expanse of garden, Villa Crocus has recently been refurbished to a very high standard. Featuring an incredibly spacious 12 bedrooms arranged over four separate villas and houses, every single building provides stunning views overlooking Monaco and the clear blue sea. Outside, you’ll find a large and heated swimming pool with accompanying pool house, as well as a jacuzzi and a garage with a huge 10-car capacity. Featuring an array of both living and dining areas, as well as luxurious bathrooms, this property will cater to any domestic need you could possibly have. And, if you fancy a break from the pool and want to feel hot sand beneath your feet, the beach is within easy walking distance. Also featuring many luxuries some other villas simply don’t provide, Villa Crocus boasts a wine cellar, fitness room filled with high-end gym equipment, an elevator, top-quality sound system and even a professional laundry service. In fact, you’ll receive a bespoke security and cleaning service during your stay, ensuring you feel yourself, your guests and your belongings are as safe as possible.

Yatak odası sayısı:: 12
No. of bathrooms:
Alan: 1000 m2
Arsa alanı: 25000 m2
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İki hafta
Deniz manzaralı
Yüzme Havuzu
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